Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fork in road.

Welcome to the new blog of the Hepher family!

I have started this new site in order to let you know that, with much excitement up our sleeves, a new PLAN is afoot for our family.

After much milling and mulling about, some skulking and scheming over the last 6 months, we have decided to uproot our tent pegs here in Cranbrook and MOVE one hour east to the beautiful Mountain Neighbourhood of Fernie, BC.

We are calling it our Year of Adventure.

We want to attempt to live more creatively...more Letterpress and painting and biking for Mike, more sewing, songwriting, skiing for me. We want to see if we can live with more of this in our days and still make ends meet!
Artists don't always have to be poor do they?
That is the question we need to answer for ourselves.

We want to try a few new things, get out and be uncomfortable for bit, just to know we aren't competely set in our ways!
...nurture some growth-in our art, in our spirits, in our bodies
...hopefully connect with a few new peeps to expand our hearts and thoughts.
...scrape off the rust and see what lays beneath our comfortable old bones! we might surprise ourselves yet. i sure hope so!

Our Gypsy Caravan is due to leave in the early summer, and we have potential digs lined up for that time for the year. ..where you will be welcomed with openest arms! We suspect that we won't be completely out of the our Cranbrook house until August as we have a few renos to complete here before we go.
We will be looking at finding some fabulous tenants to rent our house...with its garage and beeeyootiful studio/guest cabin.... (know anyone?)

So-dear friends: consider this our uncorking of the bottle of our daily red, and asking you to sip along.

bottoms up!


ps. speaking of the daily red dosage: did I mention Fernie has a new cheese shop called "le Grand Fromage"...can't wait!..will report back!