Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few things Wren has discovered here

Next Pics will be of Finn....

Wren loses her first tooth while at Maiden lake..she is THRILLED!! and tells complete strangers about this difinitive moment :)

We go up to join the other "Little Sprouts"-a Wildsight initiate for kids at the Community Eco Garden. Kids and Dirt..need we say more.

Backyard fun..?
She thinks so, everyday when I am not watching too closely, this girl haul's out the dog's Kennel and gets in, and plays puppy related games that she and Finn invent.
um, I'm not to sure about it all...

Pops and Grandma Jo pop by for a quick visit on their way home from Kootenay Lake...just enough time for a quick game of "Go Fish".
Here the girl team smiles for the camera :)

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