Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Well, it FINALLY came!
Her are some pics of Wren's first Day of Kindergarten. Well, First HOUR of Kindergarten!

I was with her in her new class, and Mike was with Finn in his class. Mike wasn't able to snap any photos yesterday, but I will today and will post.

A special table Setting for Wren

Meine "Schultuete"
Big Brother wiggles into the pic! He was so sweet-so excited for her!
Finn gets a new Sketchbook for his first day of Grade 1

Bike ride to school (note incredible mountain view!)

a little farewell snuggle with Banjo
a little shy on the rug at first

Monday, August 8, 2011

Holiday at Kootenay Lake!

We have just returned from a week long time of fabulous weather, beach time, food, celebrations, good company, good eats and drinks.

here are the pics...order is a little discheveled...

Trip to the Pilot Bay Lighthouse...where Mike does a painting:

At the Ferry Landing with Jeff and Marcia Wall-who were our Cabin guest for a good portion of the week...(some planned, some due to car failure!!) both of us celebrating our 10 year anniversaries!!! Many a great time had we.

Mike a Finn playing checkers at the Ferry Landing
Banjo Making himself comfy on the Wall's sleeping bags :)
Mike painting at the Marina at East Shore
Wren the fairy
Surprise visit of our friends from Cranbrook-5 boys and 2 girls and a whole lotta fun!
usual day for us:
Hepher and at the Candy Store in Nelson
Wren and Finn with Fish Cracker Antics

Finn bit

A few things Finn is up to...

Biking down dirt piles

reading with his sister at the Library

Biking "mini man" at the school grounds

Doing pottery at the drop in Pottery class at the Arts Station

Drinking Coffee with his dad..on his dad's birthday at the LAke (more to follow!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few things Wren has discovered here

Next Pics will be of Finn....

Wren loses her first tooth while at Maiden lake..she is THRILLED!! and tells complete strangers about this difinitive moment :)

We go up to join the other "Little Sprouts"-a Wildsight initiate for kids at the Community Eco Garden. Kids and Dirt..need we say more.

Backyard fun..?
She thinks so, everyday when I am not watching too closely, this girl haul's out the dog's Kennel and gets in, and plays puppy related games that she and Finn invent.
um, I'm not to sure about it all...

Pops and Grandma Jo pop by for a quick visit on their way home from Kootenay Lake...just enough time for a quick game of "Go Fish".
Here the girl team smiles for the camera :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh no-I gave youthe wrong phone NUMBER

I am very sorry to those of you who have tried calling and have gotten a disconnection voicemail. I seem to have given out the wrong home here we go again.
Please pass on to those who might want to know...

our HOME phone: 250.946.6100

also-just a reminder about email: we are at

(our former email, will be deactivated on July 1st)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our New Home

mountain view..from our front window

Welcome-and come in-you are invited to come and visit the real thing ANYTIME!!!

our "fancy" cupboard...

HUGE kitchen

livingroom wall

living room with cutest dog accessory

eating area

craft and game table

kids room with impromtu curtains :)

Moving Day!

Well, it came and went so fast, I feel like my head is still spinning.

There is a Arabic saying that states that it takes three days for the soul to catch up with the body.
I am on day two, and am feeling more settles here in our hamlet all the time. Here are pics of the day....

Mark and Lorraine and their amazing gift of their able bodied selves and the behemoth "Green Hornet", their 16' cube van!!!! They even packed their own lunches...I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these two.

Caravan arrival at 1101B...3 lil trailers, one van, a truck and flatbed and a Green Hornet..

Van testing out the radish to see if it survived the Journey alright!

Shelagh and Carrie sitting down for Pizza and beverages, after a hot day of work!

The Caseys, Van, and Dave Prinn munching on Loaf Pizza!

The Late shift: Sarah, Alex and their awesome kids come and to finish off the unpacking of the last trailer and, more importantly (for me, at that point) the UNPACKING of the entire kitchen and Pantry-my least favourite job!

The Marrriot Tribe help to unpack the kids totally helpful crew!

Not pictured here, because they all worked at the speed of light and I simply couldnt capture them on film: Sven, Beth, Jacquie, Suzy, Christina, Geri and Mikey Z .

In the backstage crew, watching our children for 5 days were Nana, Pops and Grandma Jo, who slaved away as grandparents, keeping our kids cheerful over days and days!!!! Thanks also to Paul, Christian and Kevin for the use of their trucks and trailers!

Many Many MANY Thanks to our incredible circle of friends and family, we are so very humbled by your generous gift of time, love, sweat and good humour.
We are still floatin' on all the Love given to us on that day.
It will sustain us on hard times that come.