Monday, August 8, 2011

Holiday at Kootenay Lake!

We have just returned from a week long time of fabulous weather, beach time, food, celebrations, good company, good eats and drinks.

here are the pics...order is a little discheveled...

Trip to the Pilot Bay Lighthouse...where Mike does a painting:

At the Ferry Landing with Jeff and Marcia Wall-who were our Cabin guest for a good portion of the week...(some planned, some due to car failure!!) both of us celebrating our 10 year anniversaries!!! Many a great time had we.

Mike a Finn playing checkers at the Ferry Landing
Banjo Making himself comfy on the Wall's sleeping bags :)
Mike painting at the Marina at East Shore
Wren the fairy
Surprise visit of our friends from Cranbrook-5 boys and 2 girls and a whole lotta fun!
usual day for us:
Hepher and at the Candy Store in Nelson
Wren and Finn with Fish Cracker Antics

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