Monday, August 8, 2011

Holiday at Kootenay Lake!

We have just returned from a week long time of fabulous weather, beach time, food, celebrations, good company, good eats and drinks.

here are the pics...order is a little discheveled...

Trip to the Pilot Bay Lighthouse...where Mike does a painting:

At the Ferry Landing with Jeff and Marcia Wall-who were our Cabin guest for a good portion of the week...(some planned, some due to car failure!!) both of us celebrating our 10 year anniversaries!!! Many a great time had we.

Mike a Finn playing checkers at the Ferry Landing
Banjo Making himself comfy on the Wall's sleeping bags :)
Mike painting at the Marina at East Shore
Wren the fairy
Surprise visit of our friends from Cranbrook-5 boys and 2 girls and a whole lotta fun!
usual day for us:
Hepher and at the Candy Store in Nelson
Wren and Finn with Fish Cracker Antics

Finn bit

A few things Finn is up to...

Biking down dirt piles

reading with his sister at the Library

Biking "mini man" at the school grounds

Doing pottery at the drop in Pottery class at the Arts Station

Drinking Coffee with his dad..on his dad's birthday at the LAke (more to follow!)