Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kite Flying and other ventures in going with the flow

Well, looks like we have a new rental home secured (see above) and in the process have found again, how great it is to just go with the flow. This little house is only 2.5 blocks from the kids school and 4 blocks from downtown (and my new job-p/t at the green petal that begins in mid-July!!!)

Seemed fitting that Finn and Wren did their own new little adventure in kite flying today.
After a week of rain, a house filled with renos, and all of us piled like puppies on top of one another, a stressed and easily provoked mama-it was so perfect to spend today in Sunny and beautiful Fernie, picking up a new/used bunkbed for the kids, and trying on a few of the great parks this town has to offer!

There was much shrieking fun, cloud gazing and just "being" all day. Mike and his dad were back in Cranbrook installing new tub, moving toilet and vanity. We came home and Mike presented the kids with a great new box (from the new tub) wherein they played with Markers, and fortifications (dill pickle chips and fruity pop) for quite a lengthy while.
me? i sipped gin.

A very good day.

sandbox where wren and finn build an entire house for Banjo, who didnt really "get it" and just kept helping them dig.
Ahhh, the terrier instinct is strong with this one.
Good thing he prefers sand...and not grass too much.

Finn with a first go at kite-ing

just t show the view....boy, kite, mountain.

...back at the ranch(er) install of vanity-before the water is turned back on!

sharing a loo moment-Mike and Pops.

a few little movies:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Couch Surfing in our own house!!

Well, dude. the good times are rolling!
This is our first night as gypsies in our own quarters.
Kids are camping out in our room, and Mike and I are on couch and floor in the living room...and will be thus for a week or two. Also-the toilet is now in the former bedroom and well, who knows where the bedroom actually is! exciting times, these.
Pics to the daylight!

Less Jolly--we have just heard that our "almost-for sure" house rental in Fernie, has just been sold, and so we are, presently, seeking new digs for our summer move. I have taken this task on with much zeal and vim, and after the shock waves ebbed and flowed, I am ready stake my claim in Fernie this week and see if i can find us a new nest. I know my faults, but when it comes to adjusting to change, well, that's not one of 'em. just saying....that's where you can tell that this hair colour ain't not dye job.
Red-headed ad nauseum.

in other news-Garage Sale Saturday!!!
more soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Bathroom Wall (dedicated to Jenny-cause she gets it)

It's funny the things that you unexpectantly find yourself grieving over during a move. My anticipation and curiosity is growing daily about what life will be like in our new town...what interesting people and vignets and discussions we will be introduced to; what tables we will eat around; what musicians we will play with; what places and nooks we will find that give us respite and comfort etc.

But I have come upon a little bit of letting go this morning.
A grief and a farewell to-my beloved bathroom wall. Because our house has always been in flux in Cranbrook, the bathroom wall became the first real place of recognition of this, when we bought the house almost 9 years ago.
Home base, Ground Zero. The Bathroom Wall was in touch with all the things that were REALLY going one.

We have doodled and drawn, glued, tacked and taped it full of whatever we felt like. Whatever inspired us. The words on this wall have been a bit of a Hepher Family Journal. Here's what the walls saw:

-a few negative and ALAS, at long last-a positive pregnancy test, many sleepless nights of breastfeeding Finn (there is a whole section of doodling in one corner from that time), and some post partum blues.

The walls saw many, many private tears (stressed out Christmas eve tears, Happy Tears, Fighting tears, Goodbye tears, bad news tears, good news tears. You see the trend.. I am a weeper.) It also saw the "getting ready for a gig" scenario-with a glass of wine, a clothing crisis and a new discovery of make up. It survived quite a few nasty cloth diaper episodes and potty training kids (not at all my favourite season). I definately looked to inspiration of "the Wall" in those times. It felt oodles of bubbles and water splashed about in countless kids baths; running and laughing and getting in pyjamas for bedtime. Time-outs (mine or otherwise the younger crowd). It sees all manner of Mike and my conversations, that don't end, just because someone has to use the toilet(!) and many hours of quiet contemplation reading a good magazine or book, it has served as a little reprieve from the usual haze of crazy life with young kids.

The Toilet Retreat Center :)
A place to breath and BE yourself..although sometimes, you have you to hold your breath to escape it. Ahhhhh.

Today we are breaking it down, to replace it with the long awaited NEW drywall, new life that it deserves. This wall will be pretty yet lacking in character and history. I supposed someone new will make history for this wall, for now. But I will miss my old wall. All that it held for me. It has seen me through some pretty rough spots.

In the meantime, I have picked off a few of my favourite quotes from ths wall to post here, and I will hope that we will find an outlet to keep this journalling up. Maybe a corkboard..or something a little less permanent as we go from owning to renting!!

If you have ever spent anytime in my MASSIVE and beloved bathroom-join me as I propose a toast:Here's to you, dear bathroom walls, you have served us well and beyond the call of duty!

Quotes we will miss seeing:

If you're bored, its cause your boring

Be a part of the good things HAPPENING in your backyard

I support all people on earth who have bodies like and unlike my body-N.S. Nye

WE must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us -Joseph Campbell

Babies and German engineering. My two favourite miracles. (Volkswagon ad)

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.
W. Shakespeare

Without freedom from the past, there is no freedom at all, because the mind is never new, fresh, innocent.
-Krishnamurti, Spiritual teacher

I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to.

The world is full of healing, if you know where to find it.

I said to the Sufi Master "I'm looking for God". And he said "I'm so sorry you came all this way; She's been with you on the whole journey"

Monday, May 16, 2011

And this is why we are not answering the phones...

This week we are kid free. (Many Thanks to My sister Moni and my Bro in law Richard!!!!)

kid-free with a mission, that is.
we are gutting the kids room and bathroom so it will be all tickety boo for our renters in July!
Here's what we got done today !

Here was Mike's Day:

Not to be outdone....Here is my stack of packings!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day-in like lamb, out like a lion

Loverly indeed was my mocha in bed and flood of homemade cards..with awesome kid-scrawl (one which said "Dear Mama, I hope you get out of bed"!

And then also fab was the gift I got from Mikey (a super cool hipflask with a bike on it), and a late breakie at our local coffee shop.

Grown-ups read the local newspapers, kids played with mismatched puzzle pieces and toy bits offered there while loudly condoning the m&m's that came atop their hot chocolate!

Then the real business of Mother's Day began......we planted a "flaming maple" in the front yard.

Mike and kids made a planter which is now the cradle of sunflower and lavender seeds

We weeded, kids got in their swim suits and had some fun in the Sprinkler.
And then it got quiet.
Kids went inside to change out of their wet suits, Mike and I relaxed at our cathartic outdoor garden cleansing rituals in the Spring sun...

Silence broken as the key word "PERMAMENT PEN" was wailed out by a concerned older brother.

Seems Wren has a need for more order (of a permanent kind) and labeled all manners of things in the house with said pen. Things that belonged to her, and her brother, and to me (my sewing room had a big "mama" on the door.

I should be honored.

most of it came off...
what's childhood without this event, really?
the Common Permament Marker Event.

anyways I am still kind of chortling.
Happy Mother's Day.
Especially to the happy memories of my Mama, "Little Bear".
I think she would have laughed too....