Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day-in like lamb, out like a lion

Loverly indeed was my mocha in bed and flood of homemade cards..with awesome kid-scrawl (one which said "Dear Mama, I hope you get out of bed"!

And then also fab was the gift I got from Mikey (a super cool hipflask with a bike on it), and a late breakie at our local coffee shop.

Grown-ups read the local newspapers, kids played with mismatched puzzle pieces and toy bits offered there while loudly condoning the m&m's that came atop their hot chocolate!

Then the real business of Mother's Day began......we planted a "flaming maple" in the front yard.

Mike and kids made a planter which is now the cradle of sunflower and lavender seeds

We weeded, kids got in their swim suits and had some fun in the Sprinkler.
And then it got quiet.
Kids went inside to change out of their wet suits, Mike and I relaxed at our cathartic outdoor garden cleansing rituals in the Spring sun...

Silence broken as the key word "PERMAMENT PEN" was wailed out by a concerned older brother.

Seems Wren has a need for more order (of a permanent kind) and labeled all manners of things in the house with said pen. Things that belonged to her, and her brother, and to me (my sewing room had a big "mama" on the door.

I should be honored.

most of it came off...
what's childhood without this event, really?
the Common Permament Marker Event.

anyways I am still kind of chortling.
Happy Mother's Day.
Especially to the happy memories of my Mama, "Little Bear".
I think she would have laughed too....

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  1. I love the story about the permanent markers! It is a MUST HAVE story for childhood, and one that will be passed on and chuckled at for years and years!