Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kite Flying and other ventures in going with the flow

Well, looks like we have a new rental home secured (see above) and in the process have found again, how great it is to just go with the flow. This little house is only 2.5 blocks from the kids school and 4 blocks from downtown (and my new job-p/t at the green petal that begins in mid-July!!!)

Seemed fitting that Finn and Wren did their own new little adventure in kite flying today.
After a week of rain, a house filled with renos, and all of us piled like puppies on top of one another, a stressed and easily provoked mama-it was so perfect to spend today in Sunny and beautiful Fernie, picking up a new/used bunkbed for the kids, and trying on a few of the great parks this town has to offer!

There was much shrieking fun, cloud gazing and just "being" all day. Mike and his dad were back in Cranbrook installing new tub, moving toilet and vanity. We came home and Mike presented the kids with a great new box (from the new tub) wherein they played with Markers, and fortifications (dill pickle chips and fruity pop) for quite a lengthy while.
me? i sipped gin.

A very good day.

sandbox where wren and finn build an entire house for Banjo, who didnt really "get it" and just kept helping them dig.
Ahhh, the terrier instinct is strong with this one.
Good thing he prefers sand...and not grass too much.

Finn with a first go at kite-ing

just t show the view....boy, kite, mountain.

...back at the ranch(er) install of vanity-before the water is turned back on!

sharing a loo moment-Mike and Pops.

a few little movies:

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