Monday, May 23, 2011

Couch Surfing in our own house!!

Well, dude. the good times are rolling!
This is our first night as gypsies in our own quarters.
Kids are camping out in our room, and Mike and I are on couch and floor in the living room...and will be thus for a week or two. Also-the toilet is now in the former bedroom and well, who knows where the bedroom actually is! exciting times, these.
Pics to the daylight!

Less Jolly--we have just heard that our "almost-for sure" house rental in Fernie, has just been sold, and so we are, presently, seeking new digs for our summer move. I have taken this task on with much zeal and vim, and after the shock waves ebbed and flowed, I am ready stake my claim in Fernie this week and see if i can find us a new nest. I know my faults, but when it comes to adjusting to change, well, that's not one of 'em. just saying....that's where you can tell that this hair colour ain't not dye job.
Red-headed ad nauseum.

in other news-Garage Sale Saturday!!!
more soon.

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