Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hair Straight Back

A whirlwind of weeks and deadlines rushing by.

We have completed our cd release concert (last weekend)
I then spent a week being sick (blech), which, I MUST say is extremely inconvenient at this juncture!
This weekend we finished our Garage sale while our kids spent most of the day living it up with our newlywed friends Wendy and Tim at the Sam Steele Parade. The weather held out, we had tonnes of business, and even had cinnamon buns and specialty coffees! That evening, post Garage Sale clean-up, dump runs and Sally Ann drop-offs, saw us at a wienie roast and impromptu soccer game with great friends and all our sundry dogs.

And now, we are ALMOST done drywalling the bedroom and bathroom, and just about to finish up the bathroom lighting and fixtures. Today, Father's Day, we started with Cinny buns panfried in butter and loaded with cream cheese, and a hike up into the Eager Hills. Mike received a variety of coupons, including (but not limited to)
-from Finn
"good for a hike" (which was redeemed, as mentioned!)
"good for a story that I read to you from the newspaper"

-from Wren
"good for Snuggly time with your Snuggle Bug"
"good for some good jokes"

The next two weeks look to be very full of packing, prepping and farewell suppers with friends. For me, this is the kind of the surreal phase of the day there's a room full of stuff, a room full of memories and a sence of place and comfort; the next day, it's all packed in boxes, and half brought to the Sally Ann. One day we walk down familiar streets full of neighbours that we know well, and with whom we have many stories to share; the next day-its all unfamiliar terrain, strange faces, and the sweet smell of adventure!

In the meantime, I feel like we are thinning out.
Getting down to the minimums.
Hanging on to all the very essential and truest parts of our Cranbrook existence.
And wow-is it ever energizing!

a few pics..

Mike at the cd release concert..singing his heart out!

me at the cd release concert, wearing he highest shoes I have ever worn :)

our father's day hike...a little tree climbing detour

three dogs waiting on sausage treats, Banjo, Jackson and Milo.

kids come home from the parade, as butterfly and Tiger

Garage Sale DAY!!! (coffee/baking) sold in van :)

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