Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Marriage of 2 of my favourite things

2 things I will not tire of: my favourite guitar (our 1965 sunburst gibson) and my new fave bike.
Pictured here together as I made my way up to the school on the Hill in Crabrook to play for a Preschool Fair. Long hill. Thnkful for my mug of PERFECT Easter Egg Mocha that Mike concocted for me before my departure (as seen in my mug holder in pic)

Well, Fernie seems to be coming closer into our life all the time..funny how that happens when you embark on a new adventure, or become interested in a new hobby or subject-suddenly the world is AFLAME with it! I am meeting so many present or past Fernie residents, all asking questions and telling stories about life in Fernie. Tomorrow we are off to take a peak at the Elementary school, as Mike is having his first ever Gallery Opening (Wine and Cheese) at the Arts Station in Fernie, and we are excited to see how it goes!!

I want to take the kids for a walk along the river tomorrow, maybe I should find out what it is called first :) Then hit the Fernie Library. Feeling like an explorer...

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