Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool-and a radish for a Spring

Well, I have been so excited about the Spring coming and was quite frustrated (along with the rest of southern Aberta) at the unbelievable snowstorm that came our way for April Fools Day.

Alas-I had my heart set on Spring, and was not to be deterred from from what I am calling my "midlife crisis". Since hitting my 40th year almost a month ago, I have been drinking deep from the cup of contmplation, and one of the things that I have really wanted to act on was my desire to be more car-free. My last gas-up at the pump had my heart racing and thought-ok, we NEED to make a change here.

Long Story Short-let me introduce you to my Radish (which came home on top of the car from Calgary yesterday):

Finn, Wren, Banjo and I ALL fit!!!

My dandy little Radish (whom I think I might start calling "reddish") and I took the kids and dog to school this morning-and only dumped in the snow very slow motion. I did a quick stop to the grocery store for apples and milk as well and I am so very excited about this glorious way of 3-season travel. Less money spent on gas, less emissions for our planet (as long as sweat is a safe emission, that is), more money for gin and tonics and limes..when the Spring sunshine comes on the patio.


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