Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have just spent a wonderful day in a workshop our in town with Gordon Neufeld speaking on the issue of "Holding on to your Kids".
Talk about heartening!

He spoke to the power of attachment-when we have it, we truly are able to grow into our full potential-when we parent with it-we pass on this legacy like a gardener that tend her field by ensuring the conditions are prime for growth and maturity.
I was thinking about this lately from a school child's perspective. My own, that is.
I remember how the teachers who connected with me, who found a way of treasuring me and holding my presence with respect and kindness-how they actually changed my life. I imitated them. I internalized their instructions. I hung on to their praise. They fed my curiosity. I truly learned what they were teaching me-because they cared for me. I followed them with my heart even years outside their classroom. It wasn't a matter of their technique or teaching prowes, it was their ability to create an attachment that had me wanting to please and grow and gain maturity.
There was only a handful of those teachers in my school career... Miss Ferris, Mrs Renton-Rose, Mrs MacPherson, Mr Lenz, Mrs B. I am so grateful for their belief in me and my "ness".

In this last decade, I have been given 2 creative, lively and unsatiably curious creatures to nurture and protect in the same way. And suddenly, once again rekindled, I am thrilled to the challenge of this.

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