Friday, April 8, 2011

Have Tent..will settle

It has been shockingly snowy these days. Even my Supper Strongbow Fortifyer doesnt seem to dull the gloom that I feel when I look outside most eves this week and see a snowly whiteout.

Not shockingly, however, the kids seem to take everything with the secret smile of childhood. its like they have no expectations that the world need behave in a certain way because of something as flippant as, say, the name of a month or a season. They take what is before them and create it into something worthwhile, and almost always-highly evolved and enjoyable.

As I was sewing up a frenzy again this week, the two offspring got busy playing.... Not deterred by being stuck indoors due to regular and frantic snow is what they did:

set up camp in the one available space...our only bathroom. Complete with a suitcase full of food, and of course, only a hop skip and jump from both "the river" and "the outhouse".

Ahhh, we grumpy grown ups have much to be taught in the realm of lemons and lemonaid.


  1. This makes me smile. What a great reminder of how to live in joy without expectation!. Thanks, Anie.

    And please keep sending the link; we love getting it.

  2. Oh lemons and lemonade, indeed! I can just see them having ever such a great time having a camping trip indoors. What fun! Love 'em!! Nana